Polish Energy Policy 2050

The seminar took place on the 3rd October, 2014. Among the invited guests there were Krzysztof Maryl, PhD (Ministry of Economy), Kamila Pronińska, PhD (Institute of International Relations at the University of Warsaw), Jan Rączka, PhD (Regulatory Assistance Project) and Andrzej Sikora, PhD (Energy Studies Institute). The seminar was conducted by Krzysztof Księżopolski, PhD. Seminar was held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Economy.

Sixty participants took part in the seminar, among whom were scientists, government and self-government officials, employees of embassies (of e.g. Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Estonia, Lithuania) as well as representatives of numerous non-governmental organizations. Among government and self-government officials there were representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Center for Social and Economic Research, Polish Institute of International Affairs, Scientific Foundation Norden Centrum, Capital Strategy, Institute for Sustainable Development, Delegation of the European Commission in Poland. There were also representatives of University of Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw University of Technology, Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities and Centre for Eastern Studies.

On the seminary there was a representative of the Polish Press Agency, which published an article about the seminary. The article was available in the Polish Press Agency News Services.

During the seminar there were speeches of four experts. The first one was Krzysztof Maryl, PhD, whose speech was about the proposal of document “Polish energy Policy 2050”. He spoke about the most important provisions of the document, the factors that influenced its creation and goals its creators wanted to achieve. Kamila Pronińska, PhD, spoke about the role of energy security strategy in Polish politics and the impact of energy on economic development. Jan Rączka, PhD, has analyzed the role of Polish power sector and on-site renewable energy in ensuring energy security. The last expert to perform was Andrzej Sikora who talked about the importance of technological progress in energy development and the potential of methane hydrates as a new source of energy.

About seminar were published articles in:

  • Gazeta Wyborcza
  • Polish Press Agency
  • Portal Gospodarczy WNP.pl.

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